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Overview: In July 2006, Israel launched a brutal air, sea and land siege on Lebanon. One million Lebanese citizens were displaced from their homes. Over one thousand civilians were killed. Thousands were injured.

xanadu*, in collaboration with college students and designers, teamed up to produce t-shirts in response to Israel's attack on Lebanon in June-August 2006.

All proceeds of the sales of these shirts will go to fund relief efforts for internally displaced people in Lebanon.

Gino Elias - +961. - ginolveb@hotmail.com
Tarek Roberto Maluf - +961.3.494223 - trm00@aub.edu.lb

design: glitterpill.com  
design: EMP  
design: EMP  





T-shirts available in Beirut at the following locations (check for weekly updates)









  George Elias a.k.a. Gino

Born in 1984 in Beirut, he attended the International College, graduating in 2002. He then studied Computer Communication Engineering at the American University of Beirut. Seeking both challenging professional and personal growth he decided to pursue his studies in Tokyo, Japan; and eventually aims to work in a financial capacity to foster stronger commercial links with Japanese and Asian businesses in the changing Middle East.

George Elias leaned to love his country and developed a deep sense of pride to being Lebanese. The war conducted by Israel on Lebanon in June 2006 created a boiling frustration in him. So he first started doing fundraising events under the name EMP. Meeting Roberto Maluf and Sari El-Khalil at one of these events they decided to team up and work on projects to raise money for displaced Lebanese. Collaborating with xanadu*, they began distributing their expressive t-shirts for the sake of awareness and fundraising.


Sari El-Khalil

Born in 1985; Sari El-Khalil grew up in Nigeria attending the American International School (A.I.S). He then left all that he knew to come to Lebanon in 1998. Here he attended I.C (International College) and later attended A.U.B in order to obtain his Bachelors degree in Business Management. However, not feeling as if he could achieve all that he was capable of, Sari then left in 2005 to Boston to complete his Undergrad at Northeastern University.

Sari has been working on several projects all curtailed to helping the displaced during and after the war. He first started off with Samidoun (a coalition of NGOs that sprouted during the Israeli attack on Lebanon) where he was working with the health department getting hygiene kits to schools that were housing the displaced. He also joined Green Line where he volunteered to help with the oil spill crisis that resulted from Israeli air raids on a Lebanese power plant. Lastly volunteered for the Beirut Marathon Association where he contributed through organizing sporting activities for displaced children.

Sari El-Khalil, Georges Elias, and Roberto Maluf decided to team up and work on a T-shirt project collaborating with xanadu* in order to raise money for the displaced. His future goals are currently uncertain but with the way things are going, anything is possible.

  Roberto Maluf

Roberto Maluf is an undergraduate political studies student doing his senior year at the American University of Beirut. Born in 1986, he lived in Athens, Greece until 1993 when he moved back to Lebanon, attended the International College, and then graduating from ACS with an IB Diploma in 2004.

During the entirety of the 2006 war, Roberto worked with Samidoun, a relief center that swiftly sprung up to help thousands of displaced Lebanese families. Working in the health department, he visited several schools and worked with many of the displaced in order to improve their living conditions. He was also a volunteer with the Beirut Marathon Association, helping to provide sporting activities to internally displaced people.

These first-hand experiences motivated him to do more. Working with Sari El-Khalil and Georges Elias, the trio came up with a t-shirt project aimed not only at raising funds, but also raising awareness. Roberto hopes to go on and do international law somewhere in Europe.









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