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xanadu* is pleased to announce its artist residency program. Twice a year, an international emerging artist is given the opportunity to come to the greatest city in the world, New York, to articulate their artistic talents and take their first steps towards the road to artistic triumph.

The Program:
The selected artist will come to the city of New York for three months where s/he is encouraged to create pieces to be displayed at the xanadu* Art Gallery at the end of the program. The exhibit will last for two months. The artist is also provided with an opportunity to give a slide lecture and a presentation on their work to an audience of students and artists. A 24-hour accessible art studio will also be made available to the artist.

During the three months, the artist is expected to keep a journal or create some form of documentation of their experience with the residency program to be added to the xanadu* archives.

This energetic atmosphere and loosely structured program encourage the artist to create independent and individual work.

Art Studio Location and Information:
The art studio provided for the artist is located in a very diverse part of Brooklyn, Williamsburg. Over ten years ago, many industries moved their location from Williamsburg (then mainly an industrial area) to other parts of the city. Slowly, artists started moving in, taking advantage of the cheap rent and huge empty spaces once used by different industries. The area was then still virgin to the art world. Today however, Williamsburg is home to many of the city’s artists and hippest art studios. The area is also filled with trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants.

Artist Selection:
Artists are accepted into the residency program based on their quality of work and their interest in working with the xanadu* Art Gallery. xanadu* is dedicated to support artists who wish to work beyond the current “art market” and mainstream trends. All artists, from the traditional to the contemporary, from the experimental to the conventional, are welcome to apply to the program.

Submitting Work Samples:

To apply for the program, please submit the follow through email to info@xanaduart.com
1. 8-10 digital slides of recent work
2. artist statement
3. brief bio
4. updated resume

5. a one page essay: "Why xanadu*"

For animators and video artists, please provide an online link

For the Spring Session (February– April), deadline is October 31.
For the Summer/Fall Session (July– September) deadline is March 31.

Additional Information:
For more information, please contact us at info@xanaduart.com

Please note that visa (where needed), and travel arrangements (including airline/bus tickets) are to be provided solely by the artist.



November 2005 - January 2006: OMAR KHOURI

Omar Khouri’s xanadu* artist residency was made possible because of Act for Lebanon.


Act for Lebanon supports exceptional Lebanese talents in the belief that they are both ambassadors for Lebanon abroad as well as role models for our youth.

Act for Lebanon is a network of concerned Lebanese citizens living here and abroad who believe in Lebanon and its unique diversity. In addition to supporting talents, Act for Lebanon is committed to support and promote national education projects, cultural and sports events.

February - May 2005: LENA MERHEJ

May - July 2004: RANA BISHARA