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xanadu* nights #4


TIME: 6.30 pm - 8:30 pm
PLACE: Zena el- Khalil's home
For address please send e-mail to zena@xanaduart.com or halleh@xanaduart.com

xanadu* in association with the International Museum of Women, and in celebration of the International Women's Day will be hosting xanadu* nights#4 (GIRLS ONLY!) on Wednesday the 8th of March 2006. We invite you to attend and take part in this celebration, where a gathering will take place to launch the “Imagining Ourselves” project. The evening includes a presentation of near-future events being held in Lebanon, a short film explaining the “Imagining Ourselves” project, a belly dance performance by Mrs.Banana, and wine and snacks. During the evening, an open discussion on a number of issues of common interest will take place, here is your chance to voice your opinion on various topics (Anything goes!) where you will hear, be heard, and make new friends with other fabulous women.

This event will be documented on the International Museum of Women's website, and thus be internationally recognized.

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xanadu* nights #3


Friday, SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2005
TIME: 11:30pm-4am


** LIVE BROADCAST FROM BEIRUT: RALPH HAGE will be attending his opening in
NEW YORK via a web camera in BEIRUT. The New York opening will be held from
6pm to 9pm (EST). The Beirut opening will be held from midnight to 4am
(Beirut time, 7 hours ahead of New York). These two events will occur at the
same time and each city will project a live feed to the other. In
Beirut, we begin the evening with a screening of "Until When" directed by
Dahna Abourahme @ 11:30pm, followed by a short Q & A with the director.
The night will continue with a number of Lebanese musicians who will be
performing an improvised jam session that will be projected to NYC. All of
this from a rooftop in Beirut!!!



director, Dahna Abourahme still shot from "Until When"


xanadu* nights #2


DATE: AUGUST 4, 2005
TIME: 7:30-10PM

*** tarek atoui: Performing, The « Antichambre » The « Antichambre » questions the themes of memory, time and the medium. Two characters move through different times and parallel dimensions, manipulated by a puppet-master who breaks the rules of time and space deliberately. The characters travel through different no- communicating dimensions: careless, soft and circular for the young woman, tortured, fleeting and infinite for the old man. Tarek Atoui is a programmer composer who has studied electro-acoustic music at Riems’ Conservatory in France. His work focuses on combining contemporary and electronic music with different arts such as cinema, theatre and dance. Co-founder of Asa Djinnia with the percussionist Uriel Barthélémi, he currently works with studios Puce Muse on educational programs and developing software for multimedia projects dedicated to kids, teenagers and professionals.

FOOD PERFORMANCE *** nat muller : Performing, "The Sandwiched Artist: Being Caught up between Fast Food Aesthetics and Artistic Grub." “It is not easy being artist: you feel literally sandwiched between the art world machinery - having to comply with fads of greedy curators, a famished arts funding system and a malnourished audience on the one side. On the other side, there’s the pressure of being delectably original, cultivating one’s pose and the aura of artistic genius. Practicing and performing aesthetics go hand-in-hand: you make art, you breathe art, you eat art, you sleep art: you are art! The sandwiched artist brings you a snappy fast food solution to ingesting (and digesting) your existential crisis of being an “artiste”: The Pose, The Hang-out and The Aura! And all this condensed in a ready-to-go sandwich. If you have to be a commodity in our consumer’s society of instant gratification, you might as well be delicious one!” Nat is a free-lance curator, critic,writer, and foodie based in Rotterdam. Her main interests include: human computer interaction; food and social communication; technology and intimacy, strategies for trans-disciplinary collaborations, the intersections of aesthetics, technology and politics; (new) media and art in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Nat is primarily interested in viewing social and political processes through a cultural/artistic lens.Her latest projects in 2004 include The Trans_European Picnic – The Art and Media of Accessionin collaboration with Kuda (Novi Sad) and V2_ (Rotterdam), co-curating the electronic art biennial DEAF_04: Affective Turbulence: The Art of Open Systems,and the curatorial research project "Xeno_Tech" which researches situated practices of media (art) in the Middle East. Forthcoming projects in 2005 are the exhibition INFRA_ctures (in collaboration with V2_), and Xeno_Sonic: a series of experimental sound performances from the Middle East (in collaboration with De Melkweg). This summer Nat is visiting professor of new media at L.A.U., Beirut.

Q & A *** question and answer session with tarek & nat MUSIC ***  Mirjan / Morgan a.k.a Elah Q. Stone: Singer songwriter performing set of original music. A rock/eastern/eclectic sound - a mellow acoustic set. Morgan has performed his music in Beirut for several years along side a few shows in Holland, Vienna and New York. His music base for the past five years has been California where he is solidifying a following. We invite you to join Morgan's mailing list for updated music, demo, events, and website launch


xanadu* nights #1


DATE: JULY 12, 2005
TIME: 8:30-10PM

*** nathalie handal : palestinian poet, writer and playwright and a cultural and literary activist. nathalie will be reading from her new book, shortlisted for the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Poetry Prize/Pitt Poetry Series, entitled "The Lives of Rain."
"The Lives of Rain is a book of exile and wandering, geographically and emotionally.  In it are wars, loves, scars, ancestors.  In it are olive trees, lemon trees, weddings, music, fear. In it are English, French, Arabic, Spanish, the breath of cities, the blue hour of a woman's body.  Nathalie Handal is a poet for our time of crisis and need, for our awakening sense of the battles of eros and thanatos in our world." - Alicia Ostriker
*** fahed riachi: international oud player, composer of numerous compositions for sound tracks, short films and plays. fahed will be playing improvised music inspired by the poetry of nathalie.
*** omar khouri & kyle nouse: collaborative, site specific mixed media paintings made specifically for the re-opening of the masrah medina during the renovation of the new saroulla, hamra site.



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